2019 INsider Plus Players Card

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For more information, please call the Golf Shop at 727.784.7333 or email [email protected]

Graphic promoting Lansbrook Golf Club Daily Hole-in-One contest. Links to a flyer with the following information. Hole 11 Par 3. Women 100 yards, Men 50 years and older 120 yards and Men under 50 years old 150 yards. Cost is 2 dollars for a shot to win 2000 dollars, 5 dollars to win 10,000 dollars and 10 dollars to win 20,000 dollars. Enter the Hole-in-One contest at the Golf Shop. For more information call The Golf Shop at 727-784-7333.

 Photo of Boy Golfer promoting Kids 16 and under Play and Ride Free when accompanied by an adult player Monday through Friday all day and after 11am on the weekends and holidays Please call the Golf Shop for more information at 727-784-7333